Finding a Voice
– By Joel N. Shurkin, Illustrations by David Plunkert
Once upon a time – 60 million years ago or so in Australia – a small, perhaps brightly feathered descendant of the recently extinct dinosaurs opened its beak and produced a melodic set of notes. And while it is impossible to know if the creature was startled by the sound it produced (more likely the change was subtle), that moment was the prelude to all bird song. Read more…

Grit to Greatness
– By Richard Byrne ’86
When Tim Hall was appointed director of athletics, physical education and recreation in July 2013, he had some big shoes to fill. Longtime director Charles Brown had led UMBC’s program for 24 years, solidifying and growing the program’s Division I successes while keeping the department true to UMBC’s mission of emphasizing both sides of the student-athlete experience. Read More…

Paws of Glory
By Richard Byrne ’86 and Steve Levy ‘85
Athletics has been an essential part of the UMBC experience since the founding of the university. So narrowing down almost five decades of history – and shining a spotlight on a few of the iconic athletes of UMBC history – is not an easy task. Read more…

History Rooted in the Community
By Max Cole
UMBC’s history department is the only one in Maryland that offers a graduate track in public history. Students who take courses in public history learn that it is a unique profession that requires a unique approach to research and interpretation. Each course creates opportunities for students to engage in work on real projects with real partners, which in turn helps prepare them to enter the workforce upon graduation. Read more…








– HOW TO Train a Dog to Perform Search and Rescue: With Lisa Kakavas ’94, psychology

– BACK STORY:  UMBC’s growing status as a hub for cybersecurity was highlighted in October by the university’s central role in an award by the U.S. Department of Commerce – National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) to the MITRE Corporation for a new Federally Funded Research and Development Center (FFRDC). Where does this activity weave into UMBC’s profile as a research institution? UMBC Magazine talked with Karl V. Steiner, Vice President for Research at UMBC, about the award and the university’s burgeoning research program.

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