UMBC at Nighttime

Choose your own nighttime adventure

During the daytime, UMBC is a place that strengthens the mind, builds community, and creates memories. At nightfall, the UMBC campus comes alive with renewed energy. As the moon envelops campus in its subtle bluish hue, students can choose many paths. While for some students, that means preparing for bed or studying, for others, the ever-deepening shadows signal the beginning of new adventures, budding forth multiple options for them to pursue after they’re done with classes and dinner. 

For the night owl, nighttime inspires and awakens, and those UMBC clubs that meet after dark beckon. Unconstrained by time limits or conflicting class schedules, evening activities give organizations a unique sense of freedom to showcase different types of outlets—a chance to express yourself through song, break bread with your religious community, gaze out into the galaxy and wonder what’s out there, or tap into your childlike love of games. UMBC at night is a whole new world ready to be explored, that is if you can keep your eyes open long enough. 

It’s a beautiful night, and you find yourself walking aimlessly around campus. What do you want to do?

I want to get out some energy! Maybe play a fun game?

I am looking for a creative outlet like singing.

I am searching for a welcoming spiritual community.

I love walking around looking at the endless sky and I want to learn more about it.



Discover these clubs and many, many more at Involvement Fest September 9 and online all year.

All images in this series by Marlayna Demond ’11 unless otherwise noted.

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