February 28, 2012

To:       The UMBC Community
From:   Freeman Hrabowski, President
Diane Lee, Dean of Undergraduate Education

With great sadness, we must let you know that LaMont Toliver, Director of the Meyerhoff Scholars Program and Assistant Dean of Undergraduate Education, passed away late this morning after suffering a heart attack on campus.

This is a tragic loss for LaMont’s immediate family – his wife, Lisa, and his four sons, Jacquet, Tristan, Julian, and Jordan, and a granddaughter, Kamry Toliver.  (Both Julian and Jordan are students here on campus.)

LaMont’s passing is a tragic loss as well for the Meyerhoff Scholars Program family and the entire University community.  LaMont graced us with his considerable abilities for the past 22 years – his leadership and deep compassion, and his wisdom, wit, and determination.  His example will continue to inspire us, and the strong community of scholars he loved will comfort us in the days ahead.

As soon as we receive information from the Toliver family regarding funeral arrangements, we will let the campus community know.  In the meantime, please keep LaMont and members of his family in your thoughts and prayers.

* * * *

Further information is available online at the Meyerhoff Scholars Program website: http://www.umbc.edu/meyerhoff

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  1. Mr.Lamont you helped me get through the death of Jamie Heard a few years back, truly an oustanding man with the best stories and words full of wisdom! I cannot believe you are no longer with us, your words will always remain with me. I will miss seeing you whenver I visit but I’m sure you are in the highest place of heaven, may your soul rest in peace eternally!

    1. My Heart is so heavy. I will truly miss my friend. God needed his angel. My heart and prayers are with his family!

  2. My good friend, Lamont Toliver, you have left us, and if it is possible I dare to say heaven has become an even more beautiful place with your presence. LT, you have been a friend, colleague, role model for both my professional and personal life. As you will always be with me, I will continue to work with you in pursuing our shared vision for higher education. Rest well good brother.

    Roy A. Charles (formerly Asst. Dean of Graduate Students, MIT; currently, Director of Diversity, Recruitment, and Retention – The Graduate School, UNC Chapel Hill)

  3. It is impossible to describe the impact of the loss of my friend and brother. Mr.LaMont Toliver will be missed greatly. I extend my heartfelt condolences to his family. Thank you for the personal impact in my life, that of my children and the UMBC family.

    Joseph W. Hyman
    UMBC 1983

  4. LaMont was a full MAN. He loved his wife, he loved his kids, he loved his work and he gave in a huge way to his community. The contributions that he made to the many students will live on for generations to come because the seeds that he sowed will continue grow into the future. While I may not have known him like some others, I knew him well enough to know that he was a good MAN. LaMont gave and accomplished more in his short years than some give and accomplish and accomplish over a much longer life span. He will be missed. My heart and my prayers go out to all who knew him and especially to his wonderful family.

  5. LaMonts’s intellect, his gift of gab, and his beautiful sense of humor will be remembered by all who knew him.But his greatest gift was that of love.His love and compassion for his work at UMBC was unparalleled;his love for the Meyerhoff students, current and past, was so evident in their eyes when they saw or spoke of him; and his true admiration for colleagues like me was always met with the friendliest and sincere, “How are you doing and what’s going on?” And I will always remember how much he loved his family.He shared proud stories of the boys’ academic and athletic accomplishments, and equally humorous stories of their youthful foibles. And of his wife Lisa, the lone queen in the castle, he was outnumbered by his sons because they always voted in her favor. This reminds me of the sentiment, “The best gift a father can give to his children is loving their mother.” And he did.My thoughts and prayers go out to his family and all who knew him. He will be missed but never forgotten.
    Theresa Davis, UMBC retiree, 2007, former Meyerhoff Screening Committee Member, and friend forever.

  6. To the UMBC Family and Family of LaMont. I just found out about LaMont. My deepest condolences. We went to high school together. I have thought of him often and hoped that I would see him again someday. He was an outstanding human being. I’m so sad but I’m also so proud of what he accomplished in his life. It warms my spirit to know that he met Lisa, and that they had four sons. It’s beautiful to hear that so many loved him. It’s fitting. God bless you, LaMont. I still hope I see you again someday.

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