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198986_519607914721892_1428223769_nThe Hilltop Society recognizes annual donors who support UMBC at the following levels:  Scholars’ Circle ($1,000 – $2,499); Fellows’ Circle ($2,500 – $4,999); and Deans’ Circle ($5,000 and above. We thank these donors for their exceptional commitment to UMBC.

* = deceased

The Deans’ Circle

Rodney C. and Michelle L. Adkins
Alliance for Open Society International, Inc.
Dwayne D. Arola
Ashby Point Capital, LLC
Assisted Living Federation of America
Anna R. Austin
BAE Systems, Inc.
Baltimore Equitable Insurance Foundation
Lisa A. Barnhill
Baxter Healthcare Corporation
Rheda Becker
Benchmark Assisted Living, LLC
John and Chantal Brooks, Jr.
Eddie C. and C. Sylvia Brown
Campbell & Company, Inc.
Eric A. Carlton ’91
Shlomo and Rachel Carmi
Robert S. and Melissa M. Carpenter
Todd E. Carton ’77
The Charlesmead Foundation
Jeffrey J. Blumenstein ’82 and Sylvia A. Crush-Stanton ’82
Cuomo’s Income Tax Center, Inc.
The Davis Family Foundation, Inc.
Deloitte Services LP
David desJardins and Nancy Blachman
Robert W. Deutsch Foundation
Economic Alliance of Greater Baltimore
Emeritus Senior Living
Robert A. and Susan B. Erich, Jr.
John C. and Nancy Erickson
Fulbright Commission in Brazil
Gallagher, Evelius and Jones, LLP
Google, Inc.
W. R. Grace & Company
Benjamin H. Griswold, IV
Homer & Martha Gudelsky Family Foundation, Inc.
Andre J. Gudger ’99
Douglas Hamby
Heinz Family Foundation
Freeman A. Hrabowski, III
IBM Corporation
International Center for Sustainable Development
Evelyn H. Johnson
Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation
Clifford M. and Camille E. Kendall
KeyBank Foundation
Donald N. and Patricia W. Langenberg
Laureate Education, Inc.
Robert J. Lawless
Keith A. Lee
Michael Libber
Earl L. and Darielle D. Linehan
Lockheed Martin
Morton & Sophia Macht Foundation
Mangione Family Foundation
Maryland Phi Kappa Phi Foundation
Gustavo E. ’90 and Talia E. Matheus
McCormick & Co., Inc.
Carey J. McKenzie and Cristal Baron
The Harvey M. Meyerhoff Fund, Inc.
The Joseph Meyerhoff Fund, Inc.
Robert E. Meyerhoff
Microsoft Corporation
John C. and Sally R. Minardi
David F. Mister ’70
Stephen T. and Lori Morton
National Geographic Education Foundation
The Charlotte W. Newcombe Foundation
Next Century Corporation
Northrop Grumman Corporation
David S. Oros ’85
Pepsi Beverages Company
Helen M. Phillips ’98, ’01
Jason A. ’00 and Chelsea C. ’99 Pinnix
Pitney Bowes
Kenneth L. ’80 and Patricia D. ’78 Pittman
Austin P. and Pamela C. Platt
PNC Financial Services Group
T. Rowe Price Group, Inc.
Arnold I. and Alison L. Richman
George A. Roche
Theo C. and Blanche D. Rodgers
Brian C. and Mary Jo Rogers
Elizabeth L. Rossman ’85
Rothschild Foundation
William G. Rothstein
The Rouse Company Foundation
SAIC, Inc.
Sartorius Stedim North America, Inc.
Homer W. Schamp, Jr.
Ronald M. and Kathryn A. Shapiro
Shelter Eldercare Foundation, Inc.
The Shelter Foundation, Inc.
Sheppard, Mullin, Richter & Hampton LLP
George M. and Betsy R. Sherman
Paul and Louise Shinogle
Michael F. and Holly R. Summers
Tresys Technology, LLC
University of Maryland Alumni Association International, Inc.
University of Maryland Faculty Physicians, Inc.
Clolita M. ’75 and Frank Vitale
The Whiting-Turner Contracting Company
Alan D. and Wendy R. Wilson
Woman’s Club of Catonsville
Kevin R. Yang ’07 and Katelyn Y. Niu ’05

The Fellows’ Circle

Abell Foundation, Inc.
Darrel W. ’84 and Dorothy J. Anderson
Associated Black Charities
John T. Beaty
Daniel S. Bowerman and Hope R. Victor
Elizabeth A. Bowers
Robert P. Burchard
Corporate Office Properties Trust, Inc.
JoAnn Crandall
Elizabeth M. Foley ’73
Sandra K. ’72 and James G. Geest
Bernard K. Gibbons-O’Neill ’86
David R. ’04 and Carol Gleason
Marcus J. Gross ’06
Michele A. Harris ’76
Elliot and Jeri Hirshman
Brian L. Hodges ’07, ’10
Juan I. Holcomb ’82
James P. ’13 and Kathy Kruger, III
William R. and Kathleen M. LaCourse
The Links Foundation, Inc.
M&T Charitable Foundation
Maryland Division USFA
Brian J. and Kathryn S. Matt
James R. ’73 and Elizabeth A. Milani, Jr.
Morgan Stanley
Don J. Pelto ’82
Scott M. Rifkin ’81
Lynne C. Schaefer and Steve Landen
M. Sigmund and Barbara K. Shapiro
Bimal K. and Suchandra Sinha
John W. Sondheim and Emily R. Greenberg
Louis B. Thalheimer and Juliet A. Eurich
UMBC Hillel
UMBC Training Centers, LLC
Wells Fargo
Sharese M. White ’97
Miriam W. Winder-Kelly
Susan A. Wolman

The Scholars’ Circle

Neelkamal Ahuja-Agarwal ’00 and Abhishek Agarwal
Don A. and Lisa G. Akchin
Marian E. ’84 and Frank E. Altoz
American University
James H. ’88 and Otgo S. ’08 Anderson
Jon M. and Laurie A. Andes
Aronow Family Foundation
Baltimore Tennis Patrons
Robert A. Banz ’95
Taryn M. Bayles
The Herbert Bearman Foundation, Inc.
Beck Radiological Innovations, Inc.
Paul W. ’80, ’83 and Tessie ’80 Behrens
William G. and Constance R. Beims
Peter B. Bell ’74 and Lisë K. Satterfield ’84
Rita J. Berndt ’71
Steven M. and Ann C. Berzin
Jon G. Booth ’93 and Lori A. Robinson ’94, ’00
Thomas C. Boyce ’87, Jr. and Atina S. Harley-Boyce
Keith A. and Denise Brace
David G. and Katherine B. Bradley
Chris Brandenburg ’97
Anne E. Brodsky
Brown Advisory
James and Emma L. Bullock
Mary Catherine Bunting
Gilbert R. Callaway
Sheldon and Jamie W. Caplis
Jason E. Chamberlain ’97
Tony and Qiu Q. Chang
Daniel M. Chapman ’02, ’03
James P. ’85, ’91, ’93 and Elisabeth S. Clements
Warren I. Cohen
Compass Group
Richard F. ’08 and Linda Compton
Eric S. ’85 and Karen Conn
Lee Coplan
Christopher R. Corbett
Lee Craig ’80
Arlene G. Creighton
Ellen S. Dankert
Matthew J. and Ann E. Deeter
Thomas E. DeLuca
John J. and Marie D. Denice
Warren R. DeVries
Digimo, LLC
John M. DiGrazia ’78
Renato A. ’84 and Patricia DiPentima
Jason H. Dixon ’02 and Rhea M. Brooking-Dixon ’02
Elvira Doman
Dynamic Baseball
Delali ’04 and Letitia K. ’03 Dzirasa
Austin L. ’92 and Renee L. Farnham
Teresa P. Farnum
Alfred E. and Mary L. Festa
Ruth Z. Fleishman Foundation, Inc.
Norman L. Fortenberry and Janet C. Rutledge
France-Merrick Foundation, Inc.
Mark S. Furst
General Electric Company
Catherine R. Gira
Gold Medal Squared
Devin T. and Barbara A. Hagerty
Harris Foundation
L. Michael Hayden and Karen S. Hoffmann
Margot W. Heller
Catherine A. ’98 and Henry Hiebler, Jr.
Raymond M. Hoff
Melton T. Holden and Carole R. McCann
Faith R. ’84 and Jeffrey Horlick
Alma D. Hunt/VCM Charitable Trust
INCOSE Foundation
Intel Corporation
Stanley Jakubik
John W. and Renate S. Jeffries
Arthur T. Johnson
Philip V. ’73 and Trish E. Jones, Jr.
Kimberly T. Joseph ’83
Chris L. Kennedy ’92
Karen J. ’86 and William R. Koch
Susan A. Kuhn
Frederick and Frances Kunkle
E. F. Charles ’03 and Lorene LaBerge
Gary and Karen Ladner
Willie B. Lamousé-Smith
George R. and Patricia J. LaNoue
Stephen A. ’71 and Abby Lazinsky
Legg Mason & Co., LLC
Kimberly I. Leisey
Dana M. ’70 and Dale R. ’70 Levitz
Catherine A. Liberatore ’96
Kriste A. Lindenmeyer
James E. and Susan F. Lindsay
Diane Maloney-Krichmar ’03
Lauren L. Markley ’88
Maryland Masters Swim
Jeffrey V. Mason
Richard S. Mason
MayaTech Corporation
Robert and Isabelle C. McCants, Jr.
Robert F. ’79 and Sharon K. ’78 Melis, Jr.
Craig B. and Paula K. Merkle
Patrice Milani Exercise Equipment
Miles & Stockbridge Foundation, Inc.
Nancy A. Miller
Nancy L. ’74, ’85 and Nicholas R. Miller
Gust W. Mitchell and Malinda Orlin
Bennett A. Moe ’88 and Diane R. Stephenson-Moe ’90
Theresa A. ’80 and Wayne A. Montgomery
Wanda D. Moore ’82
Leslie A. Morgan
Edwin L. ’72 and Bertha K. Morris
Christopher S. Mullin and Sarah Gaffen
John F. Naradzay ’05
National Center for Women and Information Technology
Notre Dame of Maryland University
Kathy R. O’Dell
Owens Marina, LLC
Kofi and Cynthia Owusu-Boaitey
John T. Pinkston
Nicholas J. Pippenger and Maria M. Klawe
Dorothy L. Powell
Natasha N. Powell ’01
Barbara C. ’78 and Michael Quinn
James L. ’91 and Joanne L. ’90 Richardson
Steve L. Rodkey
Henry K. and Johanna Rose
Suzanne O. Rosenberg
Willie J. Ross ’97 and Yvette D. Mozie-Ross ’88
Thomas F. and Lorraine M. Roth
Joe and Debra Rubino
Robert L. Rubinstein
Jo Anne Sabas ’77
SAE International
Rita S. Saltz
Jeannine L. Saunders ’77
Arvie Z. Scates
Suzanne J. Schlenger
Inex A. Scholler-Jaquish
Scott and Sandra E. Selnick
Leslie Shepard
Phil Shockley ’04, ’09
Greg E. ’04 and Angela Simmons
Thomas J. ’95 and Heather G. Spratt
Geoffrey P. Summers
Vincent W. Talbert
J. Christopher ’90 and Aysem M. ’90, ’95 Tkacik
Towne Transport, LLC
Eugene A. ’86 and Barbara R. Trainor, III
Fred A. Trenkle ’75
University of Maryland Baltimore Foundation, Inc.
Uno Restaurants, LLC
Jean H. Vanderplas
Nicholus Visnich, Jr. ’82
Leslie A. Walker Wilson ’74, ’76 and Courtney B. Wilson
George C. Watson ’02 and Lori J. Smith-Watson ’85
Whiteford, Taylor and Preston, LLP
Bernard and Michelle Zerfas
Donald J. Zimmerman
David L. ’71 and Marcie A. ’84 Zisow