UMBC at Nighttime

Find your place at UMBC

UMBC’s night culture is ever-changing depending on the part of campus and the year you attend, as the people truly make a community. As you’ve discovered while choosing your adventures, you are a part of creating your own experience here at UMBC. Cultures and traditions evolve as each student brings their own unique personalities, interests, and experiences to what already exists. 

These four nighttime adventures—creativity, community, activity, and exploration—barely scratch the surface of UMBC’s eclectic collection of nighttime activities. The only way to truly discover UMBC night culture is by experiencing UMBC after dark for yourself—if you can stay awake, that is. 

Discover these clubs and many, many more at Involvement Fest September 9 and online all year long.

Want to start the night all over again?

The Library Pond at night. Photo by Marlayna Demond ’11.
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