Here at UMBC, we take pride in what our alums accomplish after graduation. Take a moment to see which Retrievers have been on the move and making news!

*Photo Courtesy of Anthony Gerace
*Photo by Anthony Gerace

Damon Tweedy (M4) ’96, biological science, explains the need for more black doctors, saying that a lack of black doctors contributes to racial health disparities. Tweedy writes for The New York Times and states that as a “general rule” most black patients feel more comfortable being treated by a doctor of the same ethnicity. The article examines statistical evidence provided by the latest medical journals that illustrate the deficiency in black doctors in the medical field.

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IanRalbyIan Ralby ’02, modern languages and linguistics, M.A., intercultural communication, writes about the struggles President Obama faces in establishing a Trans-Pacific Partnership Free Trade Agreement. Ralby writes about the President’s own personal investment in seeing the Trans-Pacific Partnership proceed and how he has made efforts in getting both democrats and republicans to agree on the trade pact.

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Tigue TozerTigue Tozer ’08, interdisciplinary studies, shares his passion for learning through international travel and his career as a medical officer in Australia and medical correspondent for Newsfirst Sri Lanka. Tozer provides an in depth analysis surrounding the Ebola crisis and explains why the disease should be considered a global problem. He also talks about working as a foreign correspondent and his opportunity to work with another one of his passions.

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Courtesy of Brad Nguyen Photography
Photo by Brad Nguyen Photography

Michael Moubarek ’15, biochemistry and molecular biology, shares how a rock-climbing accident inspired him to finish high school and graduate as UMBC’s valedictorian. In an article from The Huffington Post, Moubarek talks about his battle with low self-esteem and depression and explains how his near death experience put his life into perspective and inspired him to change his path and get back on the road to success.

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