Accomplishment & Aspirations
September 19, 2016 was the official anniversary of UMBC’s founding in 1966, and the university held a ceremony including students, faculty, staff, and alumni that celebrated a number of qualities that had helped it grow over five decades into a major public research university: talented students, shared governance of the campus, and visionary leadership.Read More…

The Power of 50
In his Founders Day address, UMBC President Freeman A. Hrabowski, III, made the case for UMBC’s vitality and influence as a public research institution. But how do you quantify the university’s success and impact over its existence? Read More…

Sharing the Past, Building the Future
– By Richard Byrne ’86
In assembling its exhibit to celebrate the founding decades of UMBC, the team in UMBC’s Special Collections who put together “Sharing the Past, Building the Future: UMBC at 50” – chief curator Tom Beck, archivist Lindsey Loeper ’04, exhibition curator Emily Hauver ’05, and librarian Susan Graham ’98 – have given the university community a chance to glimpse essential objects and images that may have escaped easy notice.Read more…

House (of Grit) Party
Saturday, September 17, 2016 was a day to remember for any Retriever who made it to campus to join in the biggest celebration of black and gold pride ever. Over 3,300 alumni, students, faculty and staff from across the campus community came together to attend the event – which included a puppy parade, storytelling, hands-on demonstrations and lectures across disciplines, athletics events, and a dazzling display of fireworks to cap it off. We wanted to share that day – including some of the best stories from faculty and alumni – with our readers.Read More…

Deep Roots
— Laura Lefavor ’13
The Roots of Greatness Luncheon, held September 17, celebrated the founding generation of students, faculty, and staff. Among the highlights of the program was a portrait of founding chancellor Albin O. Kuhn, delivered by Wendy Salkind, professor emeritus of theatre, and a discussion of a new history of the university – Improbable Excellence: The Saga of UMBC – written by George La Noue, professor emeritus of public policy and political science. The discussion was moderated by John Jeffries, dean emeritus of the College of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences, and included two alumni – David Bennett ’11 and Yasmin Karimian ’11 – who worked on the book. What follows are edited excerpts of the program. Read More…

Fab (Four) Storytellers– Laura Lefavor ’13
The Stoop Storytelling Series – created by Laura Wexler and Jessica Henkin – has become a fixture in Baltimore arts community, encouraging “ordinary” people to tell the extraordinary stories of their lives. So it was a natural for the Stoop Stories team to organize “Retrieve Your Memories: Stoop Stories with the ab Four and Friends” to tell stories of UMBC’s first students and faculty, with a special guest appearance by UMBC President Freeman A, Hrabowski, III. Each speaker stepped into the spotlight for a few moments and brought the early days of the university to life for a packed audience in the Linehan Concert Hall.
Read More…

Pies, Nerds and Frampton
Alumni shed light on the less-known – and often amusing – corners of campus history. UMBC’s history has its quirky sides as well. Associate professor of history George Derek Musgrove ’97, history, tackled the task of examining them with gusto in a presentation entitled: An Unofficial, Totally Tongue in Cheek, Slightly Zany History of Campus Culture at UMBC.
Read More…

Windows on Today
We all remember certain highlights of our college days no matter how many years — or decades — we’ve put between ourselves and Commencement day. But what about the moments in between those highlights we hold so dear? Thanks to smartphone cameras and social media, current students are capturing it all — unfiltered — every single day for the world to see. Read More…




– BACK STORY:  UMBC’s 50th anniversary coincided with the release of Our UMBC: A Strategic Plan for Advancing Excellence. It is a road map for UMBC’s future in key areas including academic research and scholarship, student experience, innovative curriculum, and how the university connects with the world outside it. UMBC Magazine talked about Our UMBC with Provost Philip Rous, who led the effort, and with two alumni – former alumni board President Bennett Moe ’88, visual and performing arts, and UMBC’s coordinator for student organizations Romy Hübler ’15, Ph.D., language, literacy, and culture – involved in creating the plan.

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