Meet the Staff

If you’re wondering who’s behind UMBC Magazine, look no further than the Alumni House. There, a team of writers and designers — many of them alumni themselves — are working to create an intellectually stimulating, diverting magazine they hope will make you proud. Contact UMBC Magazine.

AVP, Communications and Public Affairs
Candace Dodson-Reed ’96

Jenny O’Grady

Design Director
Jim Lord ’99

Marlayna Demond ’11

Design Staff
Candace Cage
Jim Doran
Layla Thompson
Dusten Wolff ’13

Writing Staff
Catherine Borg
Julia Celtnieks ’13
Alice Crogan
Megan Hanks
Sarah Hansen MS ’15
Roland King
Tom Moore
Katharine Scrivener
Dinah Winnick

Production Coordinator
Emily Macenko

Founding Editor
Richard Byrne ’86, English